February 2010 - Starting from the month of February is possible to partecipate to our new sailing courses organised on our boats.  
  November 2009 - Last 7th November started the winter championship. Six Solaris 36OD started with the following teams: Ciapparelli-Starnini,  Di Rado, Viti, Cacciamani, Caramatti, Pardini. Immediately Simonetta Starnini leads with great determination, while behind Di Rado, second, is reached by the followers, and Andrea Pardini succeedes, followed by Cacciamani who will be later squalified, leaving the third place to Di Rado. The regatta of Sunday has been cancelled due to bad weather.
News - On September 27th there was a race in pink in the waters of Marina Cala de Medici. Among all partecipants there was only one Solaris 36OD skippered by Simonetta Starnini who came first in both real time and leaving behind plywood boats like BCube Comet 51, or Spice Hanse Shugar end 63 that with an eighteen knots wind were considered favorite.  
  October 2009 - Last weekend 24-25 of October thirty boats competed for the Totano's Cup Castiglioncello-Capraia. Five Solaris 36OD start wery well and immediately reach a very fast pace with a fair wind from the east. Only the 'Hanse 63 Alessandro Pini manage to stay close. Solaris helmed three of the five in order of ranking on YCB Joseph Caramatti Columbia, Andrea Pardini CNL at Endeavor, Luigi di Tria YCB on Enterprise, come in the first three in real time and compensated.
20th October 2009 - Next 7th November will start the winter championship. All seven teams will try to take the title away from the couple Starnini-Ciapparelli, who won the last Sailing Project Trophy .

Coming Soon - Sonn will start the new sailing-courses on Solaris 36OD. There will be several different levels: from the basics up to regatta's trainings for experts. The courses will take place during 4 week-ends, 8 trips lasting half a day each, or 2 week-ends, 8 trips lasting all day. There will also be the chance to make courses during the week. For more infos please contattact us .

2010 - In 2010 will start a new long distance circuit. Some races will stop in the main islands of the Tuscan Archipelago; some others will be non-stop. Among the most possible destinations: Marciana Marina (Isola d'Elba), Porto Azzurro (Isola d'Elba), Capraia, Giraglia, Saint Florance (Corsica). The circuit will be composed by four regattas and the price for the rent of the boats will be very interesting.