Sailing Project organizes the following sailing courses: basic, advanced, cruising, racing, maneuvering and "pink" courses.

The BASIC COURSES are intended for all those who comes for the first time on a sailing-boat and then the sail rig, disarmament, sailing, man overboard recovery, knots, winds, and safety are the main subjects.

The ADVANCED COURSE is for those already in practice, management of the boat, crew, adjustments up, overwhelming small problems, weather, use of not inferred headsails.

The CRUISING COURSE is useful to learn the management of the boat, preparing it, the galley, the resolution of problems while browsing, weather, correspondence, night navigation, security.

The RACING COURSE teaches he main racing rules, race course, optimization of the boat, safety.

MANEUVER is a course designed for those who do not feel safe or have never practiced maneuvering to moor in complete tranquility.

The "PINK" COURSE is dedicated to women who wants to learn to sail. The main purpose of this course is to prepare the crews participating to the next regatta in pink at Marina Cala de Medici. The best crew can take a free Solaris 36OD to participate.


The courses will take place on two weekends in full-time or in four weekends either during the morning or afternoon. For groups of at least 4 people it is also possible to organize courses during the week.

Basic € 350,00
Advanced € 400,00
Cruising € 400,00
Racing € 400,00
Maneuvring € 450,00
Pink from € 350,00 to € 400,00

All courses will be held in the waters in front of Marina Cala de Medici aboard 36OD Solaris. The maximum number of participants per course is 6 people. For those who wishes it, there is also the possibility to sleep on board, included in course fee.

All participants to our courses will have special prices for any race or cruise hires.

For subscriptions or any further information please contact us directly or send us an